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How to choose the Best Kojic Acid Soap


Kojic acid is a popular ingredient in skin lightening, anti-aging and blemish-fighting skin care products – but our favorite way to use kojic acid is in soap form. It provides a convenient, effective way of gradually lightening the skin on the body and is a bit drying, but great for lightening facial skin while keeping your pores bacteria-free. Read glowing reviews for using kojic acid soap on both the face and body.


If you’re on the hunt for the best kojic acid soap, keep in mind that kojic acid is an unstable ingredient. It oxidizes quickly and will turn brown if left exposed to air, heat, or light. Because of this, many cosmetic companies use kojic dipalmitate instead – which is more stable and has antioxidant properties but not as effective for skin lightening – and market it as kojic acid.


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